Fine Liver Care Shijimi Drink


  • Fine Liver Care Shijimi Drink is made from Corbicula, a type of freshwater clam is good for the liver and intestines. For centuries, Shijimi Coirbicula has been regarded as a medicinal shellfish. Shijimi has been taken by the Japanese for many centuries for liver health and nutritional health. 
  • Shijimi contains beneficial essential amino acids, such as methionine, which promotes liver activity, and taurine, which activates bile secretion to help the liver detoxify. Because of this, Shijimi Corbicula is excellent for relieving hangovers. Corbicula enhances liver function, relieves hangovers, and revitalizes the liver. It effectively relieves the stomach, cleanses the urine, and can help regulate blood sugar levels.
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